Budget Cloth Diapering: 7 Places to Buy Used

I sold my husband on the idea of cloth diapering with the cost savings it would provide us.  I began researching cloth diapers before I was pregnant with my first kiddo, so once I had my positive pregnancy test in-hand I immediately began building our cloth diaper stash.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on pee and poop catchers either, so I focused on purchasing prefolds and covers to build the bulk of our stash.  Because the cost of prefolds is minimal, I purchased all of our prefolds new and found some great sales to add to our stash (an Econobum buy 1, get 1 sale was a memorable one, as they were prefold+cover sets).  The expense of all-in-one (AIO) diapers was intimidating to me, knowing I would need at least 24 diapers to start, so I began shopping used diapers to try out different styles.


I’ve had, and continue to have, great experiences buying used diapers, and wish to share some great resources with you.  Here are some places to look for used diapers:

eBay – I purchased several used diapers through eBay in the beginning, and a HUGE diaper lot as well, but eBay is probably the last place I would look for used diapers these days (unless I’m looking to buy an entire lot of diapers).

Thrift Stores – I’ve not had the luck of finding used diapers while thrifting, but know that many people have found great deals on cloth diapers in thrift stores.  Some thrift stores carry them on a regular basis, as some manufacturers will donate their seconds-quality diapers, so keep your eyes-peeled for a great cloth diaper deal.

Children’s Consignment Sales – In the past year I’ve been seeing more and more cloth diapers being sold at my local children’s consignment sales and I love it!  While I’ve not seen any diapers I HAD to have, it’s nice to see cloth becoming more mainstream.  The only downside to buying through children’s consignment sales is that they are typically only biannual events, so you have only two chances a year to grab cloth diapers (but it’s great for adding to your stash).

Craigslist – This will depend upon your area.  Living in the Philadelphia area, I’ve had great success buying and selling diapers on Craigslist, as there is a large cloth diapering community here.  However, while we lived in the Central PA region it was slim pickings.  It never hurts to take a look, as you don’t have to bother with shipping (this is what I love most about buying & selling on Craigslist).  Another great reason to buy cloth diapers on Craigslist is that you have the opportunity to look at the diapers before you purchase them — no surprises.

Local/National Buy, Sell, Trade (BST) groups on Facebook – Again, this is going to depend on your area.   If you buy from a local group, and meet in-person, you save on shipping and can inspect the diapers before you purchase.

BST website – There are websites, such as Cloth Diaper Trader, devoted to listing cloth diapers for sale or trade, or buying diapers you are in search of.  I’ve had success selling and trading a few diapers here.  The one trade I did do was backed with a PayPal exchange, which I recommend doing to help protect yourself from dishonest people.  Again, you’re dealing with strangers, so going this route can be a crapshoot.

Used Diaper Retailer – This is, by far, my favorite way of buying used cloth diapers and training pants these days.  Using a cloth diaper retailer for buying, selling, and trading diapers is the smoothest way (and requires the least amount of work).  Many cloth diaper/natural parenting retailers buy and sell used cloth diapers in their retail spaces, but if you don’t have one near you (or are looking for a specific diaper) a dedicated used cloth diaper retailer is the way to go.  I use Re-Diaper.com and never have to worry about the condition of the diapers I am purchasing.  I’ve purchased and traded several diapers through Re-Diaper and have been extremely pleased with my experience.  When I’m finished with cloth, I can even de-stash through Re-Diaper without all of the work of trying sell each piece myself.

Re-Diaper.com is offering Median Mommy readers 15% off of any non-sale items with coupon code: MEDIAN  (offer valid now through May 29th)

Buying used diapers is an economical way to build a cloth diaper stash, as well as being an affordable way to try different styles and brands of diapers.  Do you/would you buy used diapers?  Where are your favorite places to purchase used diapers?

Tasty [Easter] Ham Frittata w/ Asparagus, Grape Tomatoes, Chives & Brie

Despite buying the smallest ham I could find, we were left with leftovers from our Easter dinner this past Sunday.  To spice up our leftovers, I decided to make a frittata on Monday for dinner.  I love making frittatas because they’re incredibly quick, easy, and utilize ingredients that are readily available in a well-stocked pantry/larder.  I like to keep holiday dinners simple because a.) I’m the one doing all of the cooking, and b.) I’d rather spend quality time with family than be a slave to the kitchen, fussing over elaborate meal preparations.  Our Easter dinner was a simple spread of a ham, asparagus, red fingerling potatoes with fresh chives, sautéed carrots with dill, and the obligatory deviled eggs.  On Monday, I diced leftover ham, thinly sliced the potatoes, and chopped the asparagus & chives.  I happened to have some grape tomatoes on hand and had served a nice brie cheese before Easter dinner — both of which were wonderful compliments to my frittata.


Heat oven to 375


2 c. sliced red potatoes

1 1/2 c. diced ham

1 c. chopped asparagus

1 c. grape tomatoes

1/4 c. chopped fresh chives

6-8 slices brie cheese

6-8 large eggs, scrambled (can sub. 4 whole eggs & 4 egg whites)


Frittata - bottom layer of potatoes

Frittata – bottom layer of potatoes

I sautéed my diced ham in one pan while I began sautéing my potatoes, in a tablespoon of olive oil, in another.  Once my ham was browned and my potatoes had created a crisp bottom layer in the pan (approximately 10 minutes), I added the ham, asparagus, grape tomatoes and 8 eggs, scrambled (I used 4 whole eggs & 4 whites only — you can just use 6 eggs if you wish to bypass using whites) to the pan with the potatoes.  I cooked over medium heat, constantly moving the pan and using my spatula to pull the cooked egg from the side of the pan, tilting to allow raw egg to fill the space (approximately 5-8 minutes).  Once most of the raw egg on top of your frittata is cooked (by continually pulling up the edge of the frittata and tilting the pan to allow raw egg to fill in), top your frittata with sliced brie & chives, and place into a 375 degree oven for 10-15 minutes, or until egg is cooked and brie is melted.  Serve with a lightly dressed micro-greens salad and you have the perfect meal (it’s child-friendly too)!


The Great Cloth Diaper Change: Philadephia 2014


It’s that time of year again!  Earth Day means Cloth Diaper Awareness, and The Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) is a global event with 15 participating countries (including the United States), with the goal of spreading the word about cloth diapers.  If you’re in the Philadelphia area, mark your calendar and plan to attend this fun, record-breaking event!



Declan & Myself at The GCDC Philadelphia Last Year – Make This YOUR Spot This Year!


We had a great time attending the GCDC in Philadelphia last year, connecting with other cloth diapering families and taking part in the fun activities offered.  This year, CLOTH, The Nesting House, and Diapers Plus have joined forces to bring you an even bigger event!  The details:

When:  Saturday, April 26th (rain or shine – there will be a tented area in the event of rain)

Where:  Smith Memorial Playground (please bring a changing mat or blanket, as the diaper change will take place on the lawn)

What Time:  10am-11:30am, diaper change at 11am (this is being judged by Guinness World Records, so diaper change with occur EXACTLY at 11am)

How Much:  FREE – this is a free event, but you must register so that event planners can set up the appropriate number of changing stations

Register:  You can register, and grab more details, by clicking this link HERE



Image by Dottie Foley Photography

Not sure about attending?  This is a fun event, giving you an opportunity to connect with like-minded parents, enjoy a FUN diaper change (how often do you have those?), have some snacks, listen to some music, break a world record, and did I mention the swag?  Yep, the first 100 attendees will receive swag bags (donated by Inspired Family) with lots of fun goodies!  And did I mention the raffles?  Up for grabs (pre-registered attendees receive TWO raffle tickets) is:


  1. Ubbi Stainless Steel diaper pail
  2. Collection of Nosefrida products worth $90
  3. A gift pack of natural baby products from Soapbox Holistics worth $35
  4. Kissaluvs Marvels All-in-One Diaper + Antibacterial Wet Bag
  5. Planet Wise Wet bag
  6. (2) Osocozy Prefolds bundles
  7. Bummis Simply Lite diaper cover + flannel wipes
  8. Multi-class card to Mount Airy Yoga
  9. Multi-class card to Music with Gina
  10. Blossoming Bellies Gift Certificate for one free workshop (childbirth education, breastfeeding 101, Infant Care, or Infant Nutrition).
  11. Snappis
  12. 2 diaper covers + 3 bundles of wipes from ProServices/Earth Bottom Babies
  13. Charlie’s Soap
  14. $10 gift certificate from Fill-A-Bagel
  15. Milkin’ Cookies
  16. $25 Gift Certificate from Night Kitchen Bakery in Chestnut Hill
  17. Rebourne cloth diaper
  18. BellyWise Gift Basket: homemade sugar scrub, rosemary lemon salt scrub, lavender healing salve, and four lip balm flavors (lavender, lemon eucalyptus, sweet orange, and rosemary lemon)
  19. (2) SprayPal diaper sprayer shields
  20. 2 dozen organic cloth wipes from BabeeGreens ($37 value)
  21. Baby carrier giveaway



Win a bumGenius Freetime – Chelsea Perry Top Hat!

If that’s not enough to entice you, CLOTH is giving you the opportunity to win a bumGenius Freetime in the Chelsea Perry Top Hat print.  The entry is simple, register to attend through the eventbrite link provided, mark that you’ve done so on the entry form, grab a couple other entries (if you’d like), and show up next Saturday.  The winner will be announced at the Philadelphia Great Cloth Diaper Change; winner must be in attendance to claim diaper.  Enter through the form below:

Why “Mommy Juice” Scares the Hell Out of Me

I remember crying when I first saw When a Man Loves a Woman in the theater as a high schooler.  I cried in reaction to Meg Ryan’s character’s helplessness [recklessness as a mother], and then her empowerment through sobriety; I cried about the love the film portrayed, and the relationship that was forever altered.  I had yet to taste my first drink.

I cringe every time I hear the term Mommy Juice.  It’s not cute.  It’s not funny (although I am guilty of posting “lol” when people have posted about it on Facebook).  Even worse is when children are told that the alcoholic beverage their mother is drinking is Mommy Juice.  Think about what’s being taught to children when mom grabs a glass of Mommy Juice.  Think about whether that drink is really going to soothe anxieties, or if it’s an appropriate ‘reward’ after a long and harried week.

I’ve been bothered by this term for a while, but recent news reports, such as the Today show’s story with Stefanie Wilder-Taylor, have pushed me to open up about this topic.  What bothers me about this term is that it is so often used in response to ‘relief’ from the stress and demands of parenting, work, and running a household; that a term so benign could be used for something that has the potential to become a serious problem.  I won’t even begin to address my thoughts about drinking and playdates [and then driving home with the kids].  Why such a visceral reaction from me?  Because 3 1/2 years ago I found myself unable to cope with the stresses of my life (without children at that time), and drinking wine almost nightly in an effort to de-stress.

Sure, I had tried the gym, but workouts didn’t kick in as quickly (or effectively) as a glass [or three] of wine, and my genetic predisposition placed me in the perfect position to develop a full-blown addiction to alcohol.  Like Elizabeth Vargas’ story, I was lucky enough to realize that I had a problem before it became a big problem (which is a joke because alcoholism is a big problem, regardless of the depth of the addiction), before I began losing those things that I held dear [or hurting someone else].  I too, began drinking to quell the anxiety and stress I felt with a long commute and a job that I was unhappy with, a job that didn’t challenge me in the ways that I needed.   Pouring wine over the issues that plagued me was like pouring gasoline on a fire; my anxieties and stress compounded and the of glasses of wine increased in number.  I am incredibly thankful to have had that moment of awakening, that moment when I realized that I had a problem and needed to do something about it.  I am, most gratefully, 3 1/2 years sober.

Why share this?  I’m sharing my reality to illustrate how alcoholism manifests itself in many faces, that moms are just as easily susceptible as the men portrayed in the show Mad Men.  The tradition of the five o’clock cocktail helped feed the line of alcoholism that runs in my family, and even my awareness of it wasn’t enough to prevent me from developing an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.  Let my story be a lesson.  Think twice about your relationship with that glass of wine.  Or Cosmo.  Or whatever your drink of choice may be.

As a mom, I still have stress and anxiety [of a different nature], and my life gets overwhelming at times, I just don’t drink to try to calm myself.  I am incredibly fortunate to have been so defeated by my drinking that I put the [wine] bottle down and never looked back (it wasn’t that simple, but you get the idea).  I’m not perfect at finding ways to combat the stresses life throws at me, but I do know that a hike in the sun is one of the most effective remedies for me.  Going to AA meetings and talking to other alcoholics helps too.  Finding a good therapist isn’t a bad idea either.

So, yes, the term Mommy Juice scares the hell out of me for mom’s out there with the right [genetic] recipe for addiction.  And it infuriates me that liquor companies continue this charade by marketing wines and liquors that make light of, and cater to, moms drinking for release (I won’t mention the names here because I don’t want to help market them).

Let me be completely clear — I don’t think that drinking is a bad thing, it’s simply a bad idea for me.  I think that problem drinking, or drinking in response to things that happen in life is unhealthy.  If you think you might have an unhealthy relationship with drinking alcohol, please reach out and tell someone.  Reaching out to my, then, fiancé proved to be the lifeline that I needed, and kickstarted my road to recovery.


What are your thoughts about the term Mommy Juice?  Do you think the media is inflating this issue?  Is alcohol a staple in the playdates you attend?  I’d love to hear from you!

21 Months

Yesterday marked the end of an era, as it was the first day Declan didn’t nurse since the day he was born.  Our breastfeeding journey lasted exactly 21 months.  It wasn’t planned, it just happened.  D had only been nursing once a day for the last month or so, with growth spurts or boredom prompting him to ask to nurse throughout the day, so it was inevitable that it was going to happen sometime soon.  To be honest, I think my milk supply had dwindled down over the past week, as it was beginning to become uncomfortable.

Featured WAHM: BabiLovLinks


I am delighted to be featuring a ‘local’ WAHM & artisan: Eva, of BabiLovLinks.  Eva makes beautiful, child-friendly jewelry, allowing moms to wear stylish statement pieces without the worry of them being broken by babies/toddlers.


Why I Won’t Buy Subscription Boxes…or Overindulge My Kiddos with STUFF

I’ve seen an influx of people with children ordering subscription boxes; pregnant, those with infants, toddlers, elementary aged children.  I just don’t get it, and I think it feeds what will likely become a sense of entitlement when children get older.

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5 Overlooked Spring Cleaning Tasks – Kiddo Edition

While the official first day of spring was just over a week ago, in the northeast, the crocuses and daffodils are just beginning to poke their green shoots from the earth in search of the sun.  This winter has been long, snowy, full of colds and flu bugs, and there is nothing I love more than being able to throw open my windows on the first mild spring day.  Airing out one’s house is often paired with a good spring cleaning, so I thought I’d highlight five frequently overlooked spring cleaning tasks for those of you with small children: