Fabulous Gifts for Babies & Toddlers

Fabulous Gifts for Babies & Toddlers

I don’t know why, but choosing gifts for the smallest members of the family is often the most fun…yet extremely stressful! I often struggle choosing practical, fun, and budget friendly items. Thankfully, these Fabulous Gift Ideas for Babies & Toddlers are a great place to start when choosing the perfect gift for your little one!

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Fabulous Gift Ideas for Babies

Shopping for babies first Christmas can be hard, but these awesome gift ideas take away all the stress and are gifts that are practical, helpful, or just plain fun!


Interacting with your baby and teaching them right at their level is easy with Teach My Baby all-in-one learning kit. This multi award winning kit is designed for babies ages 6 months and up and include 4 learning sets including: First Words, First Numbers, Self, and Sounds & Touch kits. You’ll find easy ways to interact and teach through play with finger puppets, touch and feel flashcards, board books, simple puzzles, mirrored nesting blocks and more! There is so much to do in the Teach My inexpensive and well thought out kits. Also check out Teach My’s Learning Kits for Toddler, Preschooler, and Kindergarten kit!


Keep an eye on your baby with a top-of-the-line Levana Willow 5? HD Touchscreen PTZ Video Baby Monitor. This powerful tool will give you peace of mind as you check in on your baby throughout the night or naptime with a full range of features. Willow can pan, tilt, and zoom to capture just the angle you need to see. It has temperature sensors, feeding timers, two-way communication, lullabies and an impressive 12 hour battery life so you can keep the touch screen nearby, wherever you go in the home. Set up more than one baby monitor and you can monitor both with a 50/50 split screen or quad screen views. Head over to learn more about the Willow 5? HD Touchscreen PTZ Video Baby Monitor.


I don’t think there is a better gift you can give a baby than the gift of safety and protection. Rated the #1 carseat in America, the Chicco KeyFit 30 Magic Infant Car Seat is a favorite for many reasons! Easy to install, this Chicco Keyfit Infant Car Seat provides absolute comfort with its luxurious fabrics and easy access to its 5-point harness system. My personal favorite part of this carseat is it’s ability to transfer in and out of the car seamlessly. Not to mention, it’s one of the lighter carseats that I’ve carried – which is such a blessing when you have a million other items to carry in your arms. The Chicco KeyFit 30 Magic Infant Car Seat is truly the most fashionable and simple way to insure your baby’s safety on-the-go.


My babies have always slept best at night swaddles in their cribs. Let’s be honest, the gift of sleep is a gift for both mom and baby! Looking for the perfect swaddles for your little one? You’ve got to try Summer Infant‘s Swaddle Me Swaddles. What I love about Swaddle Me Swaddles is their secure hoop and loop closures which assures snug and safe swaddling. Not to mention, they make swaddling SO easy! Available in a variety of colors and patterns, there is a Swaddle perfect for every little baby’s personality. Be sure to visit Summer Infant to browse their full line of swaddles perfect for babies of all ages and sizes.


As a mother, you encounter many on-the-go situations. That’s why this Pop ‘n Sit Portable Booster is perfect for restaurants, at the park, traveling, or at home. Easy to setup and transport, the Pop ‘n Sit Portable Booster makes feeding time a breeze wherever your adventures take you! Not to mention, its BPA-free tray gives your child the same comforts as a regular high chair. Equipped with an over-the-shoulder carrying bag, transportation has never been easier. Talk about the perfect gift to ensure the comforts of home while on-the-go.


Every baby needs something soft and snuggly to cuddle up with this holiday season. Bunnies By the Bay is a boutique retailer of oh-so-fuzzy baby gifts – from stuffed animals, to personalized security blankets, cute clothes, and more. Any baby or mama-to-be would love to receive one of their adorable, exclusive Holiday Gift Sets, they really make the gift giving process simple and sweet. What you can’t see or feel from all of their precious pictures is how amazingly soft and luxurious these fabrics and toys are. It is cool to steal a corner of your baby’s blanket to snuggle with, right? Head to Bunnies By The Bay for a holiday gift that will become a beloved heirloom.

Great Gift Ideas for Toddlers


Toys that inspire imaginative play are my toddler’s absolute favorite. Perfect for children ages 2+, Green Toys Fire Station Playset comes equipped with everything your little fire fighter will need to save the day: a fire truck, fire station, firefighter cat characters, bunk beds, and a water cannon. Opening and closing the doors, sliding down the fire pole, and racing in the fire truck are just a few of the fun activities you’re little firefighter will enjoy. Easy to clean and fold up for transportation or storage Green Toys Fire Station Playset is a must this Holiday Season.


There’s no better gift for both you and for baby than the gift of sleep! Sound+Sleep SE is the most advanced sleep therapy system and is designed with 64 distinct sound profiles to choose from designed to promote a deeper sleep and more relaxation. With this one easy to use white noise machine, you’ll be able to block out or dull other noises like the family room TV, cars buzzing by, the dog barking and the doorbell – whatever common sounds wake up your little one. Then, use Sound+Sleep SE to help your youngster drift off to sleep easier by helping them calm and relax to the sounds of rainfall, the ocean, fan noise, or a wide range of other sounds. The sounds are always evolving and not on an endless loop cycle for a sound experience that feels just like the real world.


Get even more gift inspirations for those you’re shopping for through our Holiday Gift Guide landing page!

Which of these gifts would your little one love best?

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